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Poda Podi - Is as feel good Romantic Entertainer!

November 13, 2012

The film starts straight away in London where Simbu meets Varalaxmi and starts falling in love and love blossoms from both sides and the film moves bit slow which was a little more drag in the romantic scenes which was executed. Varalxmi screen presence missed a lot due to her over weight and her face was not much pleasant compared to the stars who have already paired with Simbu earlier but the other side STR presented his way in a decent manner as he was already seen in many romantic films he is top at his best.

The Opening number Love pannalama Venama song triggered well to the female audience as females went on for a huge awe for their stars performance in different steps with funny lyrics which was attracted once for all. The number of Love Pannalama Venama has all its technical aspects to be appreciated to give Poda Podi on top the charts for this film. The first half goes pretty slow and makes the audience to sit back to their seats to watch what's happening between the love pairs with mutual understandings, future planning’s, and execution of broad minded issues are well portrayed which needed a big dragging time for Vignesh Shiva the debutant director of the movie

Simbu the character was well sketched to him as in the first half he gained a lot to make a lead with other characters while in the second half he started dominating his women for the Tamil culture where Varu was obviously a girl who love to live in foreign culture shores. The first half seems positive kudos for Simbu performance where as the second half leads to much disaster as the audience will start thinking where the director takes the movie to end and how will it end.

Varalaxmi as its her first movie did a pleasant job with dance movements and in especially the kuthu song number she even moved to the ultimate difficult steps to compete the opponent which will be surely appreciated for her efforts. Vignesh Shiva need to concentrate more in screenplay for a fast and packed romantic paces in which he should not once again drag the script to its slowness where it is not demanded. A good attempt by the debutant director. Dharan the music composer is one of the main reasons to make the audience tap their feet for some numbers and crisp moments for the background music scores. Overall a decent score for the young music director. The cinematographer Duncan Telford showed London in a different beautiful way as it was colors everywhere for the love based script. Technical aspects are perfect from all sides for the film which is a biggest plus. Script need to be revised a little bit with fast screenplay.



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