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'Neethaane En Ponvasantham’ is a decent film!

December 24, 2012

‘Neethaane En Ponvasantham’ is yet another avatar of love revolving around Varun -Jiiva and Nithya Menon -Samantha from their age of 8 to 24yrs. Over the years, the theme of romance-centric films has captured the interests of universal audiences. The problem with Neethaane En Ponvasantham is the fallible writing. The concept is perfect as it kindles the emotions of love, especially during the second hour, but its erroneous screenplay and flimsy dialogues that spoil everything.

While a film is conceptualized with a wafer-thin storyline, it is obviously the engrossing screenplay that would keep the audiences intact. The film is lengthy in parts with the first half running to 90 minutes and except for Santhanam, it doesn’t contain anything impressive. Well, Jiiva as usual walks away with winning laurels with his naturalistic performance and it’s a great re-launch of Samantha in Kollywood. Of course, female lead roles have a strong characterization in Gautham Menon films and so is Nithya Menon. Every actor in the film has excelled in their roles. Actor Raghavendra as Jiiva’s father is brilliant. The portions involving Jiiva and his family have been very well captured. Thanks to Gautham Menon’s special affinity towards his family as the moments are so realistic.

The momentum picks up soon after the intermission as Jiiva goes in search of Samantha to Keral. The egoistic clash between Jiiva and Samantha before intermission is surpassing as the actors perform without a single cut. Kudos to the cinematographer for his crane shots and Ilayaraja’s background score.

Ilayaraja has strained a lot over his giving grand efforts on background score. Songs are pretty mellisonant, but they test your patience as the tracks keep occurring relentlessly. Gautham Menon always loves capturing the moments between guy and gal walking across the deserted roads, beaches, spending times at coffee shops and kissing. Well, there aren’t steamy scenes in the film, but romance is expressed through it. Samantha’s dialogues ‘I learned two things from You – One is Cricket and other one is .....’ yes, watch it over the screens. The entire conversation between Jiiva and Samantha during the night before his marriage with another girl is a cherry-pick of this film.  ‘NEP’ is a decent film that will surely attract female audiences, but it could have been better if the screenplay was done in an engaging manner. Since youth groups are not very much adhered to Ilayaraja’s music, it may or may not work out as music was an intriguing part in Gautham Menon’s previous films. Gautham Menon trademark missing



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