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Tamil Model & Actress Bidushi Dash Barde found dead in Mumbai!

October 26, 2012

Bidushi Dash Barde, who has starred in many Tamil films in small roles, was found dead at her Mumbai apartment under mysterious circumstances. The 25-year old Bidushi, who won the ‘Miss Chennai’ beauty pageant back in 2006, has even featured in Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’ , ironically, that of a girl who is murdered.

She had shifted her base to Mumbai where she had been residing along with her husband Kedar Barde at an apartment in the Andheri locality. It is said that dwindling of offers to star in Tamil films made her shift to Mumbai where she had started working for a private firm.

Throughout the day, Kedar called Bidushi several times but she did not answer the phone. Their domestic help, too, knocked on the door to the apartment but got no response. Around 9.30pm, Kedar returned home from work. He opened the door with his set of keys when Bidushi did not respond to the doorbell.

“Kedar noticed that the lights were switched off but the television set was on. He then came across Bidushi’s blood-splattered body in the passage between the bathroom and the bedroom. Kedar took Bidushi to the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital at Andheri, where doctors declared her dead

However, Bidusha’s father Shantanu Das has smelt something wrong and has lodged a complaint with the police requesting them to enquire into the death of his daughter. The police are investigating the case from all possible angles and are grilling Kedar, the apartment’s watchman and many others to unearth the truth.



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