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I'm not competing with Vijay, he is in different level, says Simbu!

November 06, 2012

In a recent interview Simbu clarified that he was not competing with Vijay as he considers him to be more senior and as a star belonging to a completely different level

As Vijay's Thuppaki releases this Diwali there are few movies that are set to clash with it and Simbu's Poda Podi is one among them.

The Tamil film lovers eagerly await the arrival of Deepavali to catch the latest releases. Some filmmakers have decided to postpone their releases in an attempt to avoid their films from clashing with the big names such as Vijay's Thuppakki.

Known to be die hard fan of Ajith Kumar, Simbu said that there was no intention of creating a box-office war between his Poda Podi and Vijay's Thuppakki and the media should never compare the two stars.

Only a handful of movies are boldly releasing on the same day as the Vijay-A.R. Murugadoss action entertainer. Thangar Bachchan's Ammavin Kaipesi being one and Simbu's Poda Podi being the other.



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