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Power star Srinivasan & Santhanam form mutual admiration club!

January 01, 2013

It has been announced that comedian Santhanam’s home production titled Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya , which was scheduled to release last week, would now be releasing in the third/fourth week of January. While the reason for the postponement is a different issue, the ‘mutual admiration club’ formed by Santhanam and ‘power star’ Srinivasan is the latest surprise in Kollywood.

Santhanam has gone on record saying that shooting with ‘power star’ for KLTA had been a ‘rollicking experience’. “Even if I make fun of him, he doesn’t mind and is a joy to work with,” were Santhanam’s words about power star. The film has Bollywood starlet Vishakha Singh as the heroine and has been directed by Manikandan.

Power star is also playing a rather prominent comedy role in director Shankar’s upcoming film I. Shankar has offered a comic role to Srinivasan and is said to be amused by the ‘slow’ understanding shown by Srinivasan on the sets. Sources at the unit of I say that Shankar is unable to control his laughter at times as it takes many funny moments for him to make Srinivasan understand what he has to do in certain sequences and then extract performance from the latter.

Whether or not Srinivasan’s comedy would appeal to the audiences would be known only after the release of I where Srinivasan plays the president of ‘Santhanam Fans’ Club’. It is also not known whether Srinivasan requested and landed up this role or it fell into his lap on its own.

Whatever be the case, it’s a fact that Santhanam and Srinivasan have been praising each other for a variety of reasons.



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